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July 26th, 2011, 11:20 AM
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Has anyone experienced extreme negativity or hatred from the bio parent of your step children? My SO and I are not married, and this was the first summer we have all lived together as a family.. It has been very hard. It does not help that his children's mother hates me with a passion, and it causes so many problems for our relationship. His children have now told my son that their mother hates me and he is questioning why and it makes him confused and infuriates me..

So, I have a son from a previous relationship, ad he has his 3 from a previous marriage.. then we have our two together.. It seems he always sides with his 3 and I of course side with my 1, its like we cant get it together and I want to know if this is a normal process starting out with blended families..

I wish all of us as parents could get along, and it makes things much harder when there is so much animosity, I refuse to be a part of it, I just cant deal with the name calling and arguing and to be honest its making me wonder if we can actually do this

They had a very bad marriage and it caused a lot of problems with their children, and now it seems all those problems are seeping into our relationship and I dont know what to do.
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