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July 26th, 2011, 12:06 PM
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That is all so normal. We've been blended for 9 years and DH and I still take sides of our own kids at times. BM hated me, and probably still does, for the longest time. I know it's put a strain on the relationship with my DSD, but thankfully DSD knows I care for her in the end. BM is jealous of me. She's jealous that he wouldn't leave my six months pregnant for her. She's jealous that every time she sees us as a family we're always laughing and joking. She's jealous that I'm raising my son with DH instead of being a single parent. She's jealous that he married me and not her. The list goes on and on. But she's finally in a good place and I hope she can stay there and get over herself.

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