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July 27th, 2011, 01:04 PM
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First, I just want to say that there is always a lot of venting on this board because blended families tend to come with a lot more stress and baggage than other families, so there's no need to feel bad for venting. I'm sure we have all struggled at one point or another so you're not alone.

Do you think that he would consider counseling? It sounds like he has a lot of anger issues and they don't tend to get better on their own. My BF and I still struggle with his "tantrums" from time to time, but I made myself quite clear and gave him two choices. He either needed to work it out on his own or get help. I told him that he could do those two things or we wouldn't work. After I gave him that ultimatum, he has made huge steps to make things better for us and the kids. He went to the doctor and gotten on a medication to help with his anger and anxiety (not that this is for everyone) and he has agreed to go to counseling with me.

If DH really cares about you and the family that they two of you have, he will make steps to change his behavior. If he doesn't want to change, I'm sorry but he's not worth your time and effort.

Good luck and I really hope things start getting better for you.

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