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July 27th, 2011, 01:15 PM
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Thank you.. He has tried the medication and that didnt work well (personally he didnt give it enough time).. He just cant seem to work it out on his own, and now I feel he is blaming Jack.. Its as if he resents Jack because Jack will ALWAYS come before him, at least while he is a child he will, and I say that because I feel I have a responsibility as a parent to provide the best living environment for him (and the other two).. and I will not compromise that..

He feels I am picking Jacks side so to speak and being controlled by my 8 yr old, but I had a SD that I had many problems with and I wont put Jack through all that.. and if its not good enough for Jack, it will not be good enough for William and Charlie.

He thinks the children will better benefit from us living together and dealing with it.. I feel its never a good thing for children to be living in a home with parents who cant get along or in a situation they dont feel safe in, its not fair for them to see both of us unhappy.

He says things will get back to "normal" when his other kiddos leave, but I dont even know what normal is right now, and already I am dreading next year.
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