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July 27th, 2011, 03:59 PM
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Mine started.. when I was 17 and I had a fiance already (too early i know) we carelessly didnt use birthcontrol and i became pregnant, and pressured to get married before the baby was born. we did. we eventually divorced, childrens aid got our children (by then we had 2) and as it stands I may never get custody of them again, however I have had 1 more unplanned pregnancy which a condom broke. the father and I are not on good terms for my current pregnancy it was worse off because we have no financial support... or little. I'm suffering gallstones currently, and severe allergies we're not sure to what. I'm very sick as of late, and the pregnancy isnt helping. I'm 12 weeks.
I sometimes feel sad, blue, and off.
I wish I could feel happy.
Thats my story.
My two first children are looking at open adoption which breaks my heart but it's right for them.


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