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July 27th, 2011, 11:08 PM
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Thank you!! Thats whats so frustrating, he talks about it but doesnt do it!! His children need therapy really badly, especially the eldest.. and I am not being mean, I love him to bits, and I want him to be happy but he is SO sad.. and disturbed, I talked about this the first week they arrived and now here we are 2 weeks away from them going back and he just never followed through with the therapy..

His son is 9 and only lost one tooth, he has two rows of teeth now, his baby teeth and big teeth, well on his bottom teeth, and I told him to take him to the dentist.. Its NOT right and my god he needs to be seen.. bm was supposed to have them go to the dentist here, but then she cancelled.. I sometimes want to shake SO and make him get up and take them to therapy and the dentist.. Yes, we do need family/group therapy, and if we make it till next year, you bet your azz I will have Jack talk to the school counselor so he has an outlet for himself, because this has been hard on him too...

But his oldest is lost, his eyes are vacant, and I hate that I cant do anything myself.. I really try to work with him during the day, but I dont want to step over my boundaries.. I dont want to cause him anymore trouble and its already hard for him to open up..
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