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July 28th, 2011, 07:27 AM
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You know what Melissa that lady was wayyy over the line. She has no right in telling you that, nor should she even try to speculate What God has in mind for you. She should have thought the same thing of herself when she struggled with similar issues. There are many things in life that are a struggle and this just may be one of them but it is well worth the fight. I think you handled yourself pretty well with that lady because I think I would have said far worst. The main thing you want to do though is forget about her and just remain positive. I've read online about soooo many women who thought their turn would never come and then finally things changed and they were writing their success stories. Quite a few women also somehow got pregnant in a month where they stopped talking clomid or even gave up. My sister is 29 and the doctors told her that she had NO HOPE! that she was in early menopause and she would never conceive so she gave up... she went away on vacation and came back pregnant. So I just want to encourage you that altho we rely on the doctors for their knowledge and wisdom, they don't know ALL things... let's trust God to deal with it; He created our bodies and knows it better than anyone.

I too am in a quite similar situation as you. I'm 31 and have PCOS and have with my husband for 3 years and have not gotten pregnant. We were not trying all that time but we also weren't protecting ourselves. This month is my actual first round of clomid @ 50mg and I'm just going to remain hopeful and trust that God will supply all my needs, as His words promise.

Take care, remain Hopeful, Trust God and stay away from those negative people who think they know the mind of God!

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