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July 28th, 2011, 08:52 AM
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^^In my experience with Julia, girls tend to pee out the legs or back if they do at all. She was not hard to fit for diapers...rarely peed out of anything. Although she was not a really heavy wetter either. Liam peed out of most brands, no matter what.

This time around we got one package of newborn sposies. For nighttime or if I am not feeling cloth for some reason. The hospital always sends home a whole pack, so I will have two.

I did not open the newborn diapers. I have newbie cloth that I look at regularly though. I figure if I don't use the newborn dipes, I can return them if they are not open.

We have one pack of Huggies. And the hospital gives Pampers (at least they did a couple years ago). So I should have one of each.
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