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July 28th, 2011, 10:46 AM
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I think i will skip the Safari and do the Rapids. The big issue I'm having is that my ds doesn't know I'm pregnant. I'm overweight so it's still easy to hide and after having lost a pregnancy at 21 weeks last year, we want to protect him from that kind of pain so we are waiting until the anatomy scan at 18 weeks to tell him. He is going to ask a million questions if i skip all the fun rides!

I know how you feel, Sacha, and i felt the same way during my second loss. Here is what my doctor told me (not about Disney, but advice i apply to life while pregnant in general!) Two days before i found out about my missed miscarriage (12 weeks) I went dancing in Atlantic City with some girlfriends. When i came home and had my 12 week u/s the doctor said the baby had died. I was overwhelmed with panic that my night of jumping around and dancing like a lunatic caused the miscarriage and of course i asked her about it a hundred times. She said that the baby was dead before the trip (hence why i was not feeling m/s anymore) but more than that - you can not seriously hurt a fetus by dancing or anything else in daily life that seems to rock the fetus... if you could, there would be no need for abortions. I'm sure there are slim chances of anything happening, and i won't be going on Space mountain, but that advice is something i carry with me whenever i start to panic. Turns out it was Trisomy 16, not crazy dancing, that took my angel.

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