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July 28th, 2011, 11:17 AM
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Basic info-

Name/SN: csdukes2010

Location: Indiana

Age: 27

Child(ren): TTC our first

About your ED - I remember the day I first made myself sick like it was yesterday. I'd eaten McDonald's after a track meet and just thought to myself...hmmm I wonder if I can get rid of this. And so I did. Thus began a battle that would haunt me to this day. Even before that day I never felt "skinny enough" so I'd say it really began much sooner than that.

Type(s) of eating disorder: Anorexia/Bulimia/EDNOS

Length (how long you have struggled with your ED): 14 years

Are you in Recovery?: Yes, my best attempt so far

How long in recovery (we all know its a lifetime struggle): 1-2 years or sometime after I met my husband, he's the first person in my life (aside from family) who made me feel beautiful for ME

Tools you have used in your recovery: My husband! I've also had to remove myself from damaging relationships. I had a friend who was struggling with Ana and it was like she was a trigger, always "better" than me. I've since tried to repair the friendship but I think the damage was done. But I think you have to do what's best for you sometimes. It's sometimes difficult for women to help other women with ED's especially when they are both in the depths of it rather than in a stable recovery. Now that I am recovering I find it easier to talk to people that have dealt with the same things.

I'm glad to have found this board. I'm pretty personal about my ED so this may be a good way for me to express myself.
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