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July 28th, 2011, 10:38 PM
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Hi Daenerys!

I want to add something I've learned from my husband.

Call me fat? Well, yep, I am! I also have brown hair, green eyes, and I'm short. None of those are judgments; they are descriptions. Granted, we all KNOW we're fat when we're fat and don't need the reminder or the "hey, have you noticed you're FAT?". But there's no need for me to take offense. Part of the whole positivity thing.

I became pregnant with #1 while on a weight-loss program (low-carb and miles of biking daily). I'd lost about 15lb and then, voila! Up the spout. I suppose my husband had *something* to do with it.

So, good luck with TTC and thank you for sharing that. I agree with much of your viewpoint and think it's far healthier than some of the crap spouted about being fat on this board lately.

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