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July 29th, 2011, 06:49 AM
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This reminds me... I really want to go to the postal museum in DC sometime.

proposed cutes, huh? lol Funny... my mom's best friend's husband is super high up in the postal service. He has said that ending Saturday delivery won't be a problem at all for the postal service. It definitely wouldn't "fall apart." In fact, that cost-cutting measure is highly desirable over simply closing a bunch of post offices. That would mean outright firing of many people rather than reducing hours (which comes with a reduction in pay, of course, but that's certainly preferable to no pay at all!). He has said ending a week day such as Wednesday delivery would be more likely than Saturday since that would be two days in a row with no mail delivery. It doesn't reduce the amount of mail going through the system, just how often you get it. Many countries already have 5 days a week delivery rather than 6 like we do.

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