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July 29th, 2011, 07:49 AM
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Poncho, not necessarily looking for a debate, I just wasn't sure where this post belonged!
Dayna, haha no worries about not reading- I didn't really expect many people to! Thanks for the well wishes!
KAT, thanks also for the good luck! Right back at you!
Jintana, thanks for your reply! I see that you're a Dragoness- is that some kind of forum thing or are you also a fan of the series? Funny thing, I watched the show with my DH and sister, and now he's reading the books, and I wasn't that huge of a fan or anything but we honestly kind of contemplated Khaleesi for a girl's name (although, I think it's too "out there", even for me!"). Thank you for adding points I missed! Even with all that typing, I knew there was something missing. So, thank you for adding that "fat" doesn't (and shouldn't) be an insult. It is just a descriptive term- like tall, thin, short, freckled, etc. etc. Congrats on your new pregnancy!! How exciting. Good for you for your daily biking! I haven't been able to bike much this summer but at least am back on the treadmill. Oh, and the EA Sports Active 2 for PS3- it's like WiiFit but more intense. Not a video game person, but totally recommend as a fun exercise routine!

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!
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