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July 30th, 2011, 10:45 AM
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Due to gestational diabetes, I was set to call in for an induction Wednesday July 27th at 38 weeks 1 day gestation. The way my hospital works, unless it's a right then and there emergency, you call in the morning, and see if they are free. I was mildly disappointed when they told me they were busy, very busy at 7:15am, and to try calling back at 1pm, but not to get my hopes up. I went back to bed for a couple of hours, which was probably a good idea in the long run. When I got up for good, I had gotten over it, and decided to enjoy my last few hours of pregnancy and spent some time with my big girl.

I was pretty anxious when I called back at 1pm, but prepared for what I heard, which was they were still packed, and there was a good chance I'd not get in today. However, they wanted me in for an NST to check on things regardless, and told me to come on in at 7:30pm, and to bring all my stuff for baby, just in case they could take me at that point. Also, if anything came up in the meantime, they would call.

No way I wanted to sit around waiting all day, I wanted to go out until the NST. We were packed, ready, and wanting, so sitting in the house was not an option. We decided first to go out for lunch. We headed out to the closest pub, and made an order. They brewed me a fresh pot of decaf and it was good. Well, as soon as the order was placed, at 2pm, only a full hour after telling me I'd not get in today, come back at 7:30 for an NST, ect.... guess who calls? Hospital -It's BABY TIME!

Thankfully, and regretfully, due to the diabetes, I told them we just ordered food, and that I should probably eat. So from here on in, let me say my best piece of advice to new mamas is NEVER eat deep fried pickles as your last meal before having a baby! Heartburn city!

We dropped off Kairi with her Nana and Papa. Arrived to hospital at 3:15pm, and were checked into our room at 3:40pm.

I was given an iv (two times, first one blew... I have difficult veins) of fluid and antibiotics for being GBS+. By 4:30pm it was go time on the induction, and they started me on pitocen. It was my request that they start at the minimum, and increase the minimum amount each half hour. I had the hopes my body, which had been contracting mildly anyway, would take over.

We quite liked our nurse, and chatted with her throughout everything, she listened to everything I wanted for my birth, which was pretty much doing things slowly, and naturally. My big fear was having my water broken, because the night before, at a routine NST the on call Dr. Told me that with women who are GBS+ there is some pressure to get things going after your water breaks. The nurse explained that that is when a woman's water breaks at home, and they choose not to go into the hospital until later. I had been given two doses of antibiotics already, fluid, and pitocen. She assured me that they wouldn't rush anything but that I should talk to the Dr.

By 5:30pm I was having regular, decent contractions, and the Dr. Showed up to check on things. I told her what I wanted, and what my fears were about the water breaking. She gave me a check, and I was only 4-5cm dilated. Ugh! Not only that, my cervix was very high... so... she of course then repeated and assured me that what the nurse said was true, I had the antibiotics, and fluid, and that she wouldn't push me to do anything but labour on my own unless baby girl was in distress, something she said didn't seem possible considering how awesome she was doing.

She convinced me, and I let her break my water. It was clear and nice she said, another worry I had carried over from my first birth experience, was that there would be meconium (poop) in the water. So she said relax, and enjoy, go at my own pace. Then she left, as it really was busy there.

I noticed a difference right away. Contractions picked up more strong and regular. I was no longer talking through them, instead breathing. After about 6 contractions yet another fear of mine was confirmed... baby girl was posterior! Back labour! Owwww! I got out of bed, walked, did lunges, and the nurse brought me a birthing ball which though it didn't feel like it did anything for me, provided something to focus on. I bounced around for awhile.

Not sure where all the time went, next thing I know it's midnight, and I am hitting some kind of new level of pain. I need to lay down. I crawl back into bed, and lay on my left side. Contractions are INTENSE, I go someplace else, for 15 minutes, and when i come back it's because the Dr. Is back and wants to check me. 12:15am... NO change in things down there! 5Cm, cervix still high! Nooo!

She leaves, I get through maybe 8 more contractions when suddenly I get the urge to PUSH. NOT COOL I think. I know pushing when you're not ready can only hurt you, and cause stress to the baby. The nurse tells me to try not to push, and I fight it. Each contraction came with a stronger urge to push, but it's been minutes since I was checked, no way I have dilated to push time.

I begged for the epidural. No way I was going to keep doing this. I want to push, I'm only going to hurt myself and baby. I was SO UPSET with myself. So frustrated with my body. Hubby started filling out the consent form, and our nurse left to go find the anaesthesiologist. She sent in another nurse to sit with me in the meantime.

I was writing in pain and shaking my way through the urge to push, and finally, finally, I told the nurse I could no longer control it, and I needed help RIGH NOW, because I'm going to ruin everything. Time is 12:45am. She asks me to lift my leg up, as I am on my side. I manage to do so, and she goes in to check, and as soon as she had her fingers there, I moaned an apology, because as soon as I spread my legs, it was push time, I had NO CONTROL over the fact. She did something, I can't recall what, but the head nurse barges in, tells me to flip onto my back, which I do and in one push...

ONE (uncontrollable) PUSH...

Alexis Laine was born. July 28th. 12:51am. On the bed, just barely caught in time by the nurse who was simply there to wait for my nurse to come back with the anaesthesiologist. The ward nurse had managed to get the heat bed ready, and was unwrapping everything to deliver the placenta and all the other fun stuff that was simply not ready for this baby!

I went into some shock as the lights flicked on, the Dr. Came back with her student, my nurse came back, and they broke down the bed for delivery. Ha! The husband went to take pictures of the baby, and I just lay there slack jawed over everything that happened.

To speed things up, I delivered the placenta, which was great looking. I got a small tear that needed stitching, which in my opinion was worse than delivering a baby spontaneously, but I am a needlephobe, and didn't appreciate the freezing needle. I told then I'd take an epidural for that next time.

There was some concern for uterine rupture... because it was so fast and uncontrolled, so I was told to just lay down and I'd need assistance when I did need to go to the bathroom. Which was pretty soon after, maybe about an hour and a half? The nurse came with me, and it was awful, blood poured out of me, the room was a mess. After I got back to bed they changed the sheets, and sent in someone to mop up. There was blood on the walls somehow?! Craziness.

Already though, as I write this two days after her birth, I am walking, going to the bathroom, and feeling GREAT. Bleeding has dulled to a light period.

Breastfeeding has been easy, she took to latching properly right away. Our only concern, and the reason for spending an extra day in the hospital, was Alexis' blood sugar... which was low. Often expected of babies from mothers with diabetes. The solution to that is formula. I feed her as much as she is willing off both breasts, then supplement her with formula. Now that my milk is in full, she take a lot less of the formula. We hope once she gets her first check up at 4 days of age, she will be cleared to be off it entirely.

We are so happy with out little girl. She is perfect, her birth was incredible, and her big sister just loves her to pieces.

Labouring nicely...

Labouring not so nicely...

One push later...

7lbs 8oz 21inches long...

My 2nd little girl!

Meeting her big sister...

Alexis Laine Born July 28th 12:51am
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