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July 30th, 2011, 01:22 PM
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I hope I am making the right decision. I am Officially 8 weeks pregnant. And the father demands an abortion or else I lose him as a friend. Yesterday I saw it on the ultrasound, I saw its little heart cells already working and fluttering away, getting ready to start pumping blood if it isn't already. Seeing that, I started crying, I wasn't sure if I could go thru with an abortion, but I'm scared to lose the father who is a very close friend of mine. This was very unexpected as I was taking birth control and on days I missed a pill, we used a condom.

I made a tough choice when I saw that little heart, to go ahead and keep. I'm scared ****less and now Im thinking... am I making the right decision? I'm 20yrs old, will probably be a single mother, but will have full support from my family.

I'm not sure If I'm looking for support... But it would be nice to get some opinions or some words of support. Thanks.


Is it common to wonder every 10mins about if I am doing the right thing though? I freak out and almost want to just do the abortion so its just done with and I no longer have to stress. I didn't stress this much when faced with abortion, just with keeping. Everyone says once they hand me my baby after its all done with, I would not regret keeping. But thats another 7months away.

I guess it would be easier if He would actually talk about it rather than ignore it, or at least say "hey, you can have the baby" and not be so set on abortion.

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