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July 30th, 2011, 03:12 PM
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Honestly, screw him. I can understand if you decided to be friends with benefits, etc, and then you got pregnant and he went ahead and said, "I wasn't ready for a baby, I want nothing to do with this," but to demand an abortion and to say he'll no longer be your friend if you don't have one means he's already made the decision to disregard your friendship. If this is something you want to go through with, or need advice on, it's his job as your supposed friend to support you. If you were pregnant by someone else, would he say the same thing?
I can tell you right now, the only friends I've had that ever made ANYONE make even a fraction of that kind of decision aren't still friends on this day.
Baby or no baby, the two of you will not be able to come back from this, and the friendship will falter eventually anyway, even if just due to stress and guilt. Do you want to sit and look around in 5 years and think, "wow, I didn't have my baby and now I don't have the friend I made that sacrifice for."
If you aren't 10000% sure you won't regret it, keep the baby. I can guarantee that one day, you will look back and NOT regret letting him walk out of your life. He isn't your friend.

I didn't mean that to sound so harsh. It's a ****** situation, but I can guarantee that you won't regret keeping that baby. I'm not pro-life by any means, but you should make decisions on your own feelings, not the threats of someone else.
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