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August 1st, 2011, 08:59 AM
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Mine were c/sections.

Connor: I had bp issues my entire pregnancy and even meds werent getting it to go normal so finally at 38.6 weeks they set me up for an induction.
So I went in on a Sunday around 6 or 7pm(cant recall exact time) and they started with cervical gel. Next morning I got pitocin and stuff. I went into labor but my body didnt cooperate. No matter what we tried I remained high and tightly closed not even getting to a dialation of 1cm. Then Tuesday morning his heartrate started dipping and then going up again and so on so we decided to prep me and just get him out since we'd tried everything we could think of and nothing was working and the doctor didnt want his heartrate going any lower.
She was very sad that we couldnt get him out vaginally and hugged me and apologized but I was cool with it all. My entire family had had c/sections for basically the same reasons(wouldnt fully dialate)so I expected to have them.
A couple hours later they got me into the OR and hit me up with an epidural.
So from start to finish....41 hours of unsuccessful labor. He came out sliding down the towel like he was on a slip n slide(according to my hubby).
My hubby was the only person besides my doctor and her staff that was with me.
I got to touch him for a few minutes before they took him off to the nursery. I was totally fascinated with his thumbs cuz they were so grown up looking it amazed me.
My husband went with him while they sewed me up. I was in recovery around 2 hrs maybe a bit less and then back in my room and they promptly brought him to me to be with me the rest of the day and stuff.

AVERY: I had the doctor(different one cuz we'd moved by then) check my dialation at 36 weeks cuz I was curious if my body would cooperate this time but alas it didnt. Stayed high and tightly closed my whole pregnancy(even tho I did have some labor pains in month 7).
I went in around 8a or 9a and at close to 11a they took me in and gave me a spinal and he came out at 7 minutes after 11a.
I got to see him and talk to him and touch him before he and my DH left to the nursery as they sewed me up.
Husband was the only one with me besides my drs and his staff(I hated this dr).

DEVINN: Another repeat c/section and another doctor(didnt like him much better than the second dr either).
Went in around 7a I think and he was born at 935am.
Again, only my husband and the dr and his dudes were in attendance.
Devinn didnt wanna come out, he literally crawled back inside me and the doctor had to grab him by the leg to stop him LOL.

My oldest came at 38.6 weeks, the other two at 39 wks(and some days I dont recall exact days).

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