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August 1st, 2011, 05:48 PM
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I'm kind of the opposite of you - I don't like it when someone gives my kids a nickname instead of calling them by a given name. We've tried to pick names for our kids that couldn't have a nickname (like Cody) but I met people who use Cody as a nickname for Dakota.

To me, if I name my kid Dakota, they'll be called Dakota.

Now we DID name our DD Katie - and it's not short for anything. Everyone asks us if her name is Katherine and Katie is short and I'm always NO, her name is Katie.

I've never thought of Heidi as a nickname, either, but if you feel that strongly about it, I'd do what your heart is saying to do.

Other than with my DD, I don't think any of the boys have names you can make a nickname out of! lol

If this next one were to be a boy, my DH wanted to name him Nathan. I could see everyone trying to call him Nate and that would have drove me crazy! It's a girl, though, and we're naming her Peyton!

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