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August 1st, 2011, 08:44 PM
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^^ People will no doubt call her Pey. It's like the universal code of conduct - every name must be shortened, or end with a "ee" sound. I tend to pick names that don't have an intuitive nick name, like Luke. Family still call him Lukey. Lauren? Family keeps trying to call her Lola - That doesn't even makes sense to me because her name is LAR-en, not LO-ren.

I almost always tend to prefer a given name over the possible nicknames, but there are a few exceptions. Heidi seems like a name on it's own, because of the book I guess, and so I thought I'd be okay with it, but it still bugs me. I just wish we'd used the proper name, because "Heidi" doesn't feel like a given name to me. Maybe I just feel like a hypocrite for shaking my head at Charlie's, Cassie's, and Nate's (as given names) and then naming my kid Heidi.

It's one of the few names that I waffle on - using a nickname or JUST using the nickname. I also go back and forth on names like Bella and Liam. I never would have named her Heidi or Adelheid if my husband hadn't insisted, specifically BECAUSE of this dilemma!

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