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August 1st, 2011, 09:25 PM
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Yeah deployments can be rough. I had Kaylynn in April of 07 and Zack left the next month for basic, which he did in Ft Benning Georgia. He graduated in Sept, got to Ft Bragg in November and also deployed to Iraq that same November :-0
He came in the middle of a 15th month deployment...So once he got there, there were 5 months left. Feb. last yr he left on his Birthday, they went to Haiti for that earthquake that occured. But was only there for 2 1/2 months, so not bad at all...Plus I knew he was safe there. Now he's in Iraq for the yr. My MIL's Bday is also July 12th...Haha neat! One of our banks is where your PCSing, It's called FSNB (Fort Sill National Bank) So not sure why its also in NC, lol We recently got a Savings w/ USAA...Ever dealt w/ them? Best bank we've ever had! Im sure if not you've heard it's for the Military. We just got them in May. They do lots of things...We have car insurance with them (Which drops while deployed) and renters insurance. We have a climate controlled storage in NC with our whole house in it! LOL for when it's time to go back.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? 2 half sisters, and 2 half brothers. BUT I consider myself an only child because they are way older and live in differant places and I dont know them...

How did you meet Zack? This may sound alittle off, LOL but I met him through my ex boyfriend from highschool. They have been bestfriends since childhood and still are. My ex and I didn't work out and after we broke up back in 05 Zack started calling me and we went from there. Zack and I are very good friends w/ him and his girlfriend. They now have a 5 yr old son and his gf is 17 wks pregnant...Enough of that since I'm sure your totally wierded out now. Lmao! :-p

How long have you two been together? Together 6 yrs, Married 4 ;-)

Where have you been stationed at? Only Ft Bragg NC...Im hoping that changes though...Were 12 hrs frm home and would love to be a tad bit closer ;-)

How long have you and DH been together

How did you meet?

When do you find out sex of Baby # 3?

Are you stopping at 3 or do you want more?

Btw I clicked on fb link, says its not found.

For when I do find you...LOL read below so u don't get confused

DH and I share a FB...I usually almost always put my name at the end of a post of mine....Rarely forget but it happens

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