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August 1st, 2011, 09:53 PM
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Added you..

Ah we got married a month later he deployed he came home on R&R for our DS to be born he had 10 says with him. He left to go back to Iraq then come home for good when he was 6 months old. We had our DD he was home for 11 days deployed. He was gone 10 months came home on R&R but then left to go back finishing up for the 15 months. The 15 months one was hard my son didn't get it after R&R he stopped talking to him and go so angry with him. With our DD she hated me so we weren't sure how R&R would go. I told him if a guy looked her way she screamed expect for my dad. Well needless to day first 5 minutes she was kissing him on the cheek so surprised! This one was better in the sense my son wasn't mad he understood more " Daddy kills and shoots the bad guys!" He use to tell everyone about it. That is odd about the fort sill bank there. We have had USAA for I want to say 5 years now. We love them they are the best never give us any kind of crap. I had Military Bank of America before that and it was horrible fraud on my account like 3 times in 6 months. Then for some odd reason the military put our pre diem in the old account so it reactivated it with them. I went to go close it out we ended up haveing like 1370489438094383408530904384.00 dollars in our account no LIE numbers about that long I was so shocked. When I talked to them they had no clue how that could happen because it was only 2 dollars and some change coming from another account changing to some new account which wasn't ours. So I was HAPPY to be done with them. I haven't had any kind of problems out of them at all. *knock on wood*

I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters... 2 from my adopted side old enough to be my dads same age as my birth mom. 2 brothers 1 sister from my birth mom we only shared half blood we all have different dads. then a brother and sister on my "sperm donor " side I'm not close to any from my birth mom they weren't raised by great parents like me and really have too much drama and issues going on for me to even want in my life. the brother and sister on my sperm donor side.. I talk to a lot and starting to grow attached to them. My DH has 4 sisters and 1 brother then 3 brothers that died 1 at birth the twins 3 months after birth due to complications. They are so close I wish I had that so I'm working on it with my family.

How long have you and DH been together? 7 years together married going on 6

How did you meet? online on :-) lol

When do you find out sex of Baby # 3? We set up an appointment to find out on the 22nd I will be 16 weeks.:-) Since we are pcsing not sure how fast they will see me for my 20 weeks.

Are you stopping at 3 or do you want more? I would like to adopted I was adopted so it means a lot to me. I hate the number 3 anyways. I know it will be a lot of money but I want to give a child a better life like I was.

Where have you been stationed at? I have only been at Campbell. My DH has been here 10 years now. He went to Benning for Infantry training then came to Campbell for a few months then got stationed in Korea. He came in from his going away party there drunk into his room turned on the TV thinking there was a terrible movie on every channel of a plane hitting the world trade center towers. He figure out quickly it wasn't a movie when the sirens went off. He was leaving to come back to Campbell and then deployed. I met him shortly after he came back from his first deployment. :-) Craziness. Now pcsing to Sill which I'm depressed beyond compare. We were hoping to go to the East Coast to Virgina or Benning to be closer to some of his family. He is from Tampa so Benning would have been nice. Being here at Campbell we were lucky to be 3 1/2 hours from my parents and an hour from a brother in Nashville. I wanted to be closer to his because I'm over my mom and he issues we don't get along well at all.

We are two of a kind working on a full house

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