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August 2nd, 2011, 08:42 AM
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Week 29

It's all about the anemia right now. I'm exhausted and a couple of times in the last few days I've felt light-headed. Last night, my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest, which made it hard to sleep. I'm working from home today and trying to decide if I should call my doc again this morning. I called them yesterday (after the lightheadedness, before the pounding heart) and the triage nurse said it could just be normal pregnancy stuff or it could be my thyroid or my anemia, and that they'll retest me on Friday at my regular appointment. Which is great and all, but that means another week of feeling like this before the results would be back and I'd be able to get some treatment. DH has a doctor appointment at 9 (about adjusting his depression/anxiety meds) and then after that I'll probably call them.
~Beth in Seattle

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