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August 2nd, 2011, 04:27 PM
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1. Share a picture (or more) of someone that means the world to you.

That's teanna's hand holding Dad's ashes.

2. Share a picture of something in your house.

nope, this isn't home. lol.

3. Share a childhood memory.

I remember being in my umbrella stroller in a store. I wasn't yet 2. An old guy leaned over and was cooing at me and calling me Princess.. and I took to screeching. LOL. to this day, I don't like to be called princess, and he did it until I was 15!

4. Share a memory about you and your DH/SO.

We don't have all that many big memories.

5. Share a tradition of yours.

Waking up super early on Christmas Morning and opening presents with everyone there! This year we actually put off opening our own gifts and went to watch the girls do theirs, then everyone came out to our place (except the girls and their family) to watch us
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