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August 4th, 2006, 06:38 AM
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I cant believe im here. My name is Jeannie Zander Kai was due October 31st. I took a bad fall and about a week later they noticed Zander had alot of fluid on his brain. My placenta was slightly ripped and was causing me to go into premature labor the labor being stopped 4 different times. On July 30th at 10 22 pm my sweet little angel was born into the world. I got to hold him he was so beautiful.

I refused to keep a picture because when I looked at Zander I defintley didnt see the baby I saw in the pictures that were taken I saw my perfect beautiful son. My MIL kept a few pictures for me incase I change my mind. This is all so recent and Ive felt very overwhelmed I have a great support system and an even better Cyber support system from all of you wonderfull ladies at jm. Zanders funeral was on the 1st it was simple and absolutly beautiful he was cremated and put with his grave stone that is surrounded in gifts and flowers.

I will not be ttc again. I dont think I can do this I lost twin angels in december in the first trimester also before Zander was born me and the father of my children were not on good terms we were starting a custody battle now that is on hold and he has stepped up and became the man I need him to be right now but as far as getting back together with him that wont be likley.
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