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August 2nd, 2011, 10:03 PM
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I'm Trish, SAHM to 5. Last year I HSed all 4 ( 5th is 10 months). My oldest 2 will be attending the local high school this year, grades 9 and 11. I am very relieved about that. However my girls will be grades 1 and 4. They had decided they wanted to go to school but now we ( them or I) are not sure. I was looking forward to them going for a couple reasons, the pressure would be off me, sometimes I think I'm not a good HSer, I'm slack. We don't have a schedule. The social aspect, even though I do NOT worry about it, they do socialize, school can be fun.
Now I'm not sure, I love having them home, I love the lack of scheduled events. We're thinking about it, however curriculum is a big concern for me. I'm in Canada, curriculum is harder to come by here. I just got this and that. I want a curriculum that is fairly complete and has lesson plans, I'm not good at all about doing lessons. I need it done. Easy. Mostly for the 4th grader.
Any recommendations?
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