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Originally Posted by tiredmom View Post
I don’t know exactly what it is. For sure she was entertaining. But I also had a certain amount of respect for her ability to say and believe things that she knew would be unpopular and even cause outrage. And not in a troll sort of way but because she really believed them, in some sort of overly-sheltered but trying to do the right thing kind of way… (or so I thought until she actually did go trolling during that rape thread). I also liked the way she could be polite to a fault except when she would lose it and tell people she didn’t have to listen to their crap. Sometimes she had the rare ability to actually admit she was wrong, and that is a trait to be honored in the debate section. Plus her ability to share her “TMI” issues with very little shame was almost refreshing. Sigh. Things just haven’t been the same without her.
Sounds like you might have gone lesbian for Amy.
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