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August 3rd, 2011, 05:23 AM
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Eh, it varries. My list is always the same for girls, but I have yet to use ANY of my top five names for either gender, so they remain the top five. The top three stays consistent and the bottom two move around as I discover new names that I love (like Holiday).

Had DS been a girl, he would have been Alyssa or Ariadne Denise. Alyssa is still in my top 10, but it's not at the top. Denise is still on the table as a middle name, but the next baby is probably my list and I desperately want a Michael of some sort, so the middle name is mostly set as Michaela or Mischa.

Ideally I want as many kids as I can produce before I lose my breeding ability. Michelle Dugger, move over. DH however is hard pressed to give me four. I have enough TOTAL favorites to last me through another three girls and another three boys, but I could definitely stand to use more names than that.
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