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August 3rd, 2011, 08:44 AM
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When they divorced, they just used some generic online custody and parenting agreement, so there aren't a whole lot of specifics laid out in writing. It says that they co-parent and has a schedule drawn up to when each of them is suppposed to keep him. That schedule hasn't been followed in almost 3 years, instead of of 50%, 85% is more realistic to how much we have him. The only thing that I'm hoping is on our side is the fact that she gave up all copies she had of her son's documents like his birth certificate, social security card, etc... I know that she can file for a duplicate, but school starts with in a couple weeks and I don't think she'll be able to get that done in time.

What is really getting at me is her reason for wanting to choose the school. She wants him to be in the school in her district just in case she would want to pick him up and it would just be too far of a drive for her. I would be more understanding if her reason was that she wants to play a more active role, not that she's too lazy to drive an extra 20 min. I'm also afraid that she wants to take over and get the custody changed so that she can get child support. She's already tried to use him to commit welfare fraud, I wouldn't put it past her to come up with this scheme to try to squeeze some money out of my BF.

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