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August 3rd, 2011, 02:40 PM
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Yes Kris, you are right. I've been the primary caregiver to him since shortly after my BF and I started dating. When we found out that I was pregnant, he really wanted me to stay home, not only for our child together but for his son as well. BM loved this because that gave her a free babysitter. That's when she started wanting him less and would continue to ask us to keep him more. Even during the times when I went back to work, it was *MY* mom that babysat so again, I was the one who found childcare. I was also the one who enrolled him in preschool, the one who keeps track of all his appointments, practices writing, counting, colors and everything else he needs to know before Kindergarten. Anytime it gets too tough for BM, she calls my BF and demands that he pick his kid up. I have never once ditched him because he was difficult, and believe me, he is by no means an easy child to get along with. He shows signs of ADHD and I have been doing everything in my power to make it so that he doesn't get put on meds. Not that there's anything wrong with meds if it's necessary, but I believe that learning techniques and medication alternatives should be used first and that too many kids are getting pills shoved down their throats to shut them up. I have put my heart and soul as well as some blood, sweat, and tears into Meyson and she wants to swoop in and turn his entire world upside down. I really don't believe that she has good intentions and I just wish for once, she would look at what's best for Meyson.

I'm not really frustrated with my BF for not wanting to go to court, it's more the fact that he sat back for so long without having some sort of plan in mind for if she were to want to sign him up for school herself. I've been telling him all summer that I have a feeling that she's up to something and he's ignored me. I don't think he's a bad dad, I just wish he would be less naive to the intentions of others. He's had this "she'll eventually just leave us alone" attitude and I just want him to wake up and sometimes I would love to hit him in the head with something to snap him back into reality. We actually did sit down and have a talk about this last night (without fighting ) and he's talking about, at the very least, seeking the advice of an attorney and going from there.

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