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August 3rd, 2011, 02:40 PM
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Sorry. When I said maybe step back a bit. I mean for your own sanity.
You could drive yourself crazy trying to figure out or understand the logic behind bm's madness.

The bottom line is, IF the DAD doesn't deep up and do something here, you can't control the situation. It's sad for the child though bc he's used to having you as his PCG.

I seem to remember you posting about this a while back and dad want willing to seek court approval to get custody etc.
School starts in a week.(or about). If their was going to be court involvement it should have happened before when you guys first found out she planned to enroll in her district.
You won't get help quick enough from court now even if you filed today.

From what you said about bm, my bet is that she tires quickly of doing the "school thing" with the child and will either start leaving him w u guys again or his grades will suffer.

In either case you would then have the right to transfer him to your school.
She would be stupid to fight that bc either thing is not going in her favor in front of a judge.

I didn't mean to down your bf. But it sounds to me (including your last post) that YOU are the more concerned one about his child than him.
It's great that you care so much and again I'll say the child is VERY lucky to have you in his life. But his dad has to make a move to keep bm from doing all this if HE chooses.

I think regardless of what school he is in, you guys need to get the parenting plan clarified more in court. You have a long time ahead with this bm. The longer dad waits to go to court, the worse it will be.
It's easier to do these things when the kids are younger.
As the other poster mention not wanting their 12 year old in the middle, unfortunately when the kids are older, they usually get pulled in the middle.

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