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August 3rd, 2011, 03:42 PM
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Mm, I'd give myself a grade of B-.

I lost all my baby weight, which is nice. I enjoyed myself on holidays in Idaho, and lost all the weight (about 3lbs) I gained while we were there.

Unfortunately I am 7-8lbs (fluctuating) away from goal, which was 125 by Aug 28th. And Aug 28th is only 25 days away - and that's a LOT to lose, healthily, in 3.5 weeks.

I will ahve to be satisfied with being under 130 for my birthday - this am I was 133, so even 5lbs in the next 3.5 weeks would be nice to see. We're eating salads and working out lots for the rest of this month to make that happen. Got everything crossed that I will still achieve goal.
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