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August 3rd, 2011, 05:14 PM
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I honestly think if you physically have him now, I'd keep him until school starts and just send him. Dh needs to just TELL bm that dss will be going to his district bc he is mostly at his house. And just tell her that the judge will likely rule in favor of what the child has already gotten used to. (I'm sure ur attny will give good advice on that and on dh's chances)

But seriously if you guys already have him ready to go , I'd tell her to get off of it.
She can pick him up from your house after school.
After all u have said , bm has very little chance of getting her way in court. How soon will dh talk to the attny? It's good to have all ur info ready before he talks to bm to "demand" dss go to dads district.

One more thing. My ds9 had some issues early on that I thought were ADHD related. His therapist told me that if he was, he would likely be diagnosed after he was in school a year or two based on various factors.
Maybe once your dss gets in school , you might be able to get more answers on if he has ADHD or anything else going on. Poor guy. It may just be due to issues regarding his bm.

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