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August 4th, 2011, 06:48 AM
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So..I went to the Dr. last night…and the baby is fine…thank goodsness!!
He said my placenta is a bit low so I have to watch out with bending down..but for the rest all ok.
He tried to see the sex but the baby had it’s legs crossed and wouldn’t move from that position!!
So he told me to come back in half an hour and we’d see ifsomething had changed.
In the meantime DB caught up with me so on the second round he came in with me, which was nice!!.
So after a lot of moving around the DR. said it’s girl!! We are still a bit shocked..and I’m not convinced because my instinct sais a boy…so we’ll see…
Db and I still don’t realize what is happening…but it’s a nice feeling…
I wanted to apologize if I’m not always able to reply on most posts b\c I write from work in hiding so it depends on how much I can write…
Anyways…if I don’t get to write you tomorrow..I wish all the best of luck in these two weeks while I’m on holiday…I can’t wait to see how things are going when I get back…
Bye bye..take care of yourselves girls
Big Hug…and thanks for all your support..
Kisses Jess
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