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August 4th, 2011, 08:13 AM
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Do you remember how you felt when you joined PAL?

Yes, I was scared. As I had been in PAL twice earlier the same year and lost those babies I wasn't sure what to think. I so desperately wanted this baby to stick and I was pretty much on edge the whole 1st trimester. At the same time I was excited and thrilled and so happy to be pregnant. With each day & milestone that passed I felt more comfortable. I could never thank you girls enough for being here for me every step of the way!
Who do you remember seeing and thinking I can't wait to be there? You Jessica and Lori. You were both about a month + ahead of me and I so desperately wanted to be farther along to get through that first stage.
Do you ever think about our new ladies and the hope you bring them by still being here? Everyday I think about the new ladies here. I still go to TTCAL everyday to cheer them on. It is a mixed thing with me and TTCAL as I can't seem to leave there - I care for so many girls there and understand their pain but at times I worry that I hurt them as I am pregnant and they are not.

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Miss Scarlett... Our miracle girl still brings happy tears to my eyes.

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