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August 4th, 2011, 11:59 AM
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Originally I wanted to name this baby Lucia Morgan, because the name Morgan is connected to her great-grandfather, who died before our son was born (he was named after the same grandfather). However, I'm starting to think I want to name her after her other great-grandfather, Norman. Obviously we can't name her middle name Norman and I don't really like the name Norma, so do you think Nora could be excused as a feminine form of Norman? Nora was actually on our list for a first name, so we both love it, but I want her name to be connected to someone in her family. Or is Nora to far removed from Norman?

If so, does anyone have any suggestions for names connected to Norman? We don't like Norma, so that's out, but I can't find any other feminine forms of the name. Any suggestions?

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