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August 4th, 2011, 01:38 PM
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I can't believe he's forcing you to abort otherwise you're going to lose him as a friend. You know what? I'd rather be away from him if I were you. I'm pro life but I'm not going to lecture you and tell you to keep the baby. It's completely your decision to make but all I'm going to say is this baby is depending on you to live. He/she is living off of you because now you are a mom. Whether the baby is here or not, you'll ALWAYS be a mom. This baby was given to you by God and it's for a reason. Think about it, you got pregnant while using a condom. Do you know how rare that is? In my eyes this baby is meant to be here. Maybe you can't see that yet because you're stressed but it's true. I know you want to abort to get it over with but in the end you'll never get over any of this. It's going to haunt you. Some get abortions and they're ok because deep down no matter what anyone throws at them, they believe they made the right choice. You on the other hand, you're having doubts and you're confused. That shows you aren't sure what to do and if you go ahead and abort without completely thinking about it you're going to regret it in the end. It's a decision you can NEVER take back. It's like suicide, someone ends their life over a temporary problem but suicide is permanent. So is an abortion. Whatever you're going through this will subside. You're early yet and things can get better. He may walk out and maybe that's better for you. Why be with someone who treats you like crap?? If he had any respect for you he wouldn't even THINK of telling you to abort this baby. He should've known when having sex whether unprotected or not, it can result in pregnancy. I mean seriously, that's JR high school stuff. He should know that by now. And what will happen if you abort, you guys stop talking in the future anyway over something else?? You aborted something that is a part of you. Something that was given to you because God feels you could be a great mom.

I know I said I wouldn't lecture you and I'm not trying to but I think you need to really think about this before running off to an abortion clinic. We're here if you need us, ok? Don't think you're alone because you aren't. Good luck to you.
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