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August 4th, 2011, 02:59 PM
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I'd like to make a calendar of all our anniversaries, birthdays, etc. So leave me all your info so I can make it please!

If you have an item that isn't listed in the key below that you want on here, please list it, I just made this key off the dates I was given.

Our Birthdays = red
Our dd's birthday = pink
Our dh's/so's birthday = green
Our anniverary's = purple
Our ds's birthday = blue
Our due dates = light purple
Our angelversary's = grey

2nd- Alyssa's birthday (mamato2hopingfor3's dd)
12th- Destinee's birthday (MamaRuth2011's dd)
14th- ALP's birthday

13th- Hannah's birthday (mamato2hopingfor3's dd)
28th- Anniversary (Josie+Shpala)
17th- Jessimaaka's dh's birthday
21st- LJ's birthday (LJD3Tdance's ds)
30th- Allanah (ALP's dd)
9th- ~~MaRiE~~'s boyfriend's birthday
17th- Josie+Shpala's due date
18th- sarah*'s birthday
21st- mamato2hopingfor3's birthday
24th- Ryleigh's anngelversary (sarah*'s dd)
26th- Lucas' birthday (sarah*'s ds)
15th- Angelversary (MamaRuth2011)
26th- Church Wedding Anniversary (LJD3Tdance)

31st- Gummy Bear's due (LJD3Tdance's baby)
5th- Rock's birthday (LJD3Tdance's ds)
5th- Lacey's birthday (sarah*'s dd)
7th- Rhianna's birthday (sarah*'s dd)
10th- ALP's dh's birthday
14th- Amber's birthday (LJD3Tdance's dd)
16th- Emeryson's birthday (Gaby&Emmy'sMama's dd)
18th- Nick's birthday (LJD3Tdance's dh)
3rd- MamaRuth2011's SO's bday
10th- Courtney's birthday (LJD3Tdance's dd)
31st- Maddison's birthday (~~MaRiE~~'s dd)
6th- Josie+Shpala's dh's birthday3
8th- MamaRuth2011's anniversary
Jessimaaka's due date

20th- ~~MaRiE~~'s birthday
29th- Lil' Sprout is due (mamato2hopingfor3's baby)
4th- sareymac's anniversary
7th- LJD3Tdance's birthday
13th- Jessimaaka's birthday
15th- sareymac's birthday
18th- Courtney's birthday (~~MaRiE~~'s dd)
22nd- Gaby&Emmy'sMama's birthday
26th- Wedding Anniversary for sarah*
4th- MamaRuth2011's brithday
8th- ALP's anniversary

8th- sareymac's dh's birthday
26th- Gaby's birthday (Gaby&Emmy'sMama's dd)
6th- Ciaras birthday (ALP's dd)
6th- Jessimaaka's anniversary
10th- Alaina (MamaRuth2011's dd)
22nd- sarah*'s dh's birthday
5th sareymac's ds' birthday
7th- Josie+Shpala's birthday
14th- Anniversary (LJD3Tdance)

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