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August 4th, 2011, 07:23 PM
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Yeah my DH and I watch it together. I want Danielle out since she is trying to get everyone against everyone last week. And I NEED Rachel to get out too I can't stand her laugh or how she is such a bad looser. My favs are Jeff and Jordan I know she won like 2 season ago and aslo Shelly. They all seem to be nice down to earth people. I can't stand Kalia she is too much of a princess and not playing the game also like Lawon. Porsche I want to be sent home too I can't stand her. She is so dumb she is being played by Rachel and Brandon thy just need her for votes. They play dirty yet when Danielle plays against them she is the worst person in the world. I just giggle when she cries and gets butt hurt over stuff. :-) I'm still upset Cassi went home. She was sweet and pretty VS the UGLY and mean Rachel. Haha. I know Rachel was just jealous that she had a lot of attention. What do you think about this season??

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