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August 5th, 2011, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by themorethemerrier View Post
I figure he saw the birth of a couple of his own children, not necessary to see the grandchildren, lol. It won't be happening here, but then again I wasn't comfortable with my mom either.
Yeah My mom has been there for all 3 births. (one still born)
She always did my Lamaze classes w me too. So she kinda knew how to help me.
I was able to have natural child birth each time. Which was awesome. And I had no tears or birthing complications. I think my mom was a big part of that.

The one time my exh went to Lamaze w me...he cracked a joke and started laughing when they discussed oiling up the vagina to prepare for stretching.
I was mortified. Lol. I had my mom w me going forward.

Man I have to wonder how my births would have been without my mom there. Lord only knows! Lol

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