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August 5th, 2011, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by AnotherGoAround View Post
It's a highly personal decision and should be made by the parents of the child.

However, statements like the bolded are inappropraite for this kind of discussion. You may be new on FEB 2012 DDC, but you are not new to the boards. Your statement could be highly offensive to some of the women here. I suggest you re-think your posts and read your words carefully before posting.

Well I for one was NOT offended! I actually chuckled a little when I read it!

My dad came in and out of the room while I was in labor but my husband and I had strict feelings that anytime I was being checked or pushing we wanted the privacy of just us. I think it is more common for moms to be allowed in the room more than dads. I for one dont want my dad seeing any bit of my hooha! Just seems nasty to me...

Oh wait is Hooha offensive? Maybe I should rething being on this board if we cant be candid!

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