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August 5th, 2011, 12:46 PM
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Do you remember how you felt when you joined PAL? I remember being super-nervous. And yet still kinda excited. I did not participate a lot, except worried posts, in those early days. I felt more comfortable here after I guess around 15 weeks? Something around there.
Who do you remember seeing and thinking I can't wait to be there? SHEN!! I remember thinking I "would never" be how far along she was when I joined. And now, I believe I have passed the point she was when I first got here. And her baby is here
Do you ever think about our new ladies and the hope you bring them by still being here? Yes, all the time. I think about the TTCAL ladies all the time and pray to see them coming over to this side. I remember so well how those early days felt so I hope that us still being here and "normalizing" this experience can help them press through the fears.
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