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August 5th, 2011, 12:51 PM
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Thinking back to when my first baby was born, he was born at 24 weeks and had passed away. The delivery happened so quick I honestly can't recall who was in the room. I do recall my dad and all my family being in the room while they worked on the baby. I was pretty young. 16. So it's possible he may have been in the room.

Just to avoid offending anyone, when I say it nauseated ME to think of my dad being there, that was a personal statement about my OWN feelings.
As I also said I can understand how others might want their dad there.
Its a personal choice no matter who you select to have in the room. As for ME though, since I'm not close to my dad, it wouldn't be my choice to do that and it does somewhat gross me out to think of my dad seeing my 28 year old vagina passing a baby. I respect Everyones choice/decision.

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