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August 5th, 2011, 04:49 PM
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Week 30

Apparently it's NOT all about the anemia after all. So, my blood work came back showing me being LESS anemic than I was a 26 weeks. My iron panel came back normal, my white blood count came back a teeny bit elevated but within the normal range for a pregnant woman...and Maggie looked totally great on the ultrasound today, as did my cervix (3.5 CM, shorter than last time but still ridiculously long). So, WTH is going on? Well, best guess is that because I'm drinking a lot of water, my electrolytes are out of whack. So now I'm replacing water with gatorade. Could that stuff taste any more disgusting? But, I'm drinking it and hoping it's really that easy of a fix. To be on the safe side, they also sent me for a portable heart monitor, so I'll be wearing that for 24 hours just to make sure there's nothing funky going on.

My doula (who I adore) suggested it could be anxiety. And you know what, she could be right. I really hope it's electrolytes, because what can I do about anxiety that I'm not already doing? In what way can I destress my life that it hasn't already been destressed? Short of giving birth to a perfectly healthy full-term take-home baby, of course, and that can't happen for at least 7 more weeks. Sigh.
~Beth in Seattle

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