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August 5th, 2011, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by akicequeen02 View Post
I have an SCH. Not as big as yours, mine is just over 2cm on most measurements. I do have a question though. My dr has been treating me with a hydroxyprogesterone to "keep my uterus from contracting" because of the SCH. This is usually used in people with pre-term labor. I am trying to switch to a midwife and they are confused by this treatment- as am I at this point. Have you been treated with anything other then bed rest? I haven't been bed rest but "take it easy" and pelvic rest.
I have only prescribed bed rest. My Ob has not suggested anything else, but she didn't tell me much about it at all. I am actually looking to go see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist next week for more answers and peace of mind. I hope yours clears up quickly.


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