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August 5th, 2011, 06:42 PM
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Hello fellow natural birthers!

I am 32 and TTC. My husband is almost 44 and has a 20 yr old son. We got married 1/1/11 and haven't prevented pregnancy so far. We said we officially started trying in June because I began charting my BBT. A test by my Dr in week 3 of my June cycle showed I have very low Progesterone levels -- so he assumed I didn't ovulate. We don't know if I never ov, sometimes ov or just not that month. So right away he offered me Clomid. I didn't feel ready to start medical intervention, so my hubby and I looked into natural and herbal supplements. I am taking Femtrol now to regulate my ovaries. It seems like last month I ovulated!! YAY! That's the start. So that's my story so far...

I am pro pro pro natural childbirth. This is what God created our bodies to do! And I'm tired of people thinking that giving birth is a medical emergency. I loved watching "The Business of Being Born" & "Pregnant In America". Both were very informative.

My husband is an EMT on the side, so he's got one foot in the medical world and the other foot in the real world. I have him pretty convinced that I will be ok to deliver at home -- preferably in a tub/pool. I am wondering... for those of you that have given birth at home, did you pay for your midwife yourself, or did your insurance company pay for it? What are some of the insurance hang ups you're running into? What should I ask them??

And for those who gave birth naturally in a hospital... how did you say or ask your doctor that helped convince them that natural childbirth was ok? How did you avoid and put off getting drugs in an environment that is so quick to stick you??

Thanks for welcoming me and answering some of my questions. I love researching things, so any info you have about your own experiences will be very greatly appreciated!
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