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August 5th, 2011, 08:19 PM
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Hi girls!

I figured I would join back over here. I got my positive today. It isn't so much of a big fat one lol...but all my positives look like this at 10DPO.

I was a member here this past Jan/Feb but had a loss. We had a loss almost a year before that as 2 so far. After I had the most recent loss, some of you may remember I had blood clotting panels done and found out I had 3 blood clotting disorders. So since Feb i have been on baby asprin. I think as soon as I get to a doctor I will also be put on daily lovenox injections until close to when we deliver. I will also be on prometrium...I actually went ahead and started taking it today...I had some left over that I kept from our last one.

This baby was a soy isoflavones baby It worked for us once before too. I swear by it now hahaha!

I am so happy to be here again...praying this one sticks! I have wanted an April/Spring baby for awhile now hehe <3

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