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August 5th, 2011, 10:05 PM
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Hi and welcome. Hopefully you will be outta the TTC mode and into "prep for baby" mode quickly

I have nothing to say about a home birth because we have not yet been lucky enough to have one. It is *possible* that we will go that route with our third child, if all goes according to plan with this second baby. I have a medical issue that we need to monitor and check how things go this time around. I do know that our insurance will cover a midwife and home birth as long as we have the plan that allows us to go out of state. Right now we are limited to in-state providers and we don't have any local in-state midwives who attend home births. But there is one out of the next state, only about an hour from here. So we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

But I did have a natural hospital childbirth and amazingly, I found I did not have to "fight" at all. I chose a midwife as my primary provider and she is associated with a local hospital (although not the closest one). That hospital has a much lower c-section rate and better rates of natural births. They have labor tubs and access to lactation consultants. That told me they were more likely to be birthing-friendly. Frankly, I never really planned a natural childbirth so that is why I said my hospital was really supportive of it. They never once offered me medication or acted like my birthing experience was out of the ordinary. I think having midwives on staff is a huge boon to any hospital because they do see the normalization of birth. And don't interfere a whole lot. So start doing your research and see which local hospitals might be more friendly toward it. This time around, we hired a doula so she is going to be my advocate and cheerleader for natural childbirth in a hospital setting. Due the medical issues, I know I will need to be more monitored (I have both a midwife and a high-risk OB attending my case). So I know I wil need her to remind me what is normal and what might be something we need more medical expertise for. There are so many fabulous books you can read about NCB and advocating for yourself too. Check out the reading list stickied at the top of the page. I think I read most of what was on there
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