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August 6th, 2011, 12:29 AM
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we have a play room and a sleep room. All 3 sleep in the same room and it has nothing but the 3 beds. The older 2 make their bed in the morning and take turns making Camerons bed.

For the playroom, the older two clean it up themselves and epriodically I go in and deep clean it. I also have the toys with small parts (in our case mainly potato heads and lincon logs) up on a high shelf. My 6 year old can reach them when he stands on a chair. They understand that they can only have one bucket off the top down at a time and if they dont put it up before taking another one down they get all of the buckets taken away for one week. All of the baby toys, blocks, books, dolls, and hotwheels are down where they all (even the one year old) can reach them.

There was a point in time where the older two didnt want to clean and it was a battle every single night. I packed up every single toy, except for the obvious baby toys in walmart bags. They got to earn one bag back a night (took about 2 weeks) as long as they cleaned their room without arguing about it. So far I think that was the best thing ever, if the moan about pick up time I just tell them to go get a grocery sack and they stop and pick up.

Sometimes they want help cleaning when it is really bad (the baby has his days) and those days I do go in and help but mainly just keep them company and clean up what I know the youngest destroyed
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