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August 6th, 2011, 01:03 PM
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I definately agree with Kellilee. I think that *we* (women in labor) can set ourselves up to be tense, scared, and ultimately ineffective during the labor process. I still swear that the ONLY reason I was able to have a natural childbirth with my first is because I did not know I was in labor. I was told it was NOT labor and that I would "know" when I was in labor. So dealing with the discomforts, I was in a completely different mindset. Which ultimately helped me not have that fight-flight response and I did not fight against the sensations.

I do understand the pushing fears. I am dealing with some of them myself with my midwife and doula this time around. I found that out of a 60 hour labor, the worst part was the 30-minutes of pushing...where I felt stressed, scared, in lots of pain, and was completely overwhelmed. My doula is helping me understand that it does not HAVE to be that way and we can work with relaxation techniques, positioning changes, and more understanding support to make that stage easier and less painful.

I think you have great beginnings of being able to have a NCB. You said you DID believe your body could achieve NCB. So figure out what changed that thought (the labors that did not progress) and use what helped you achieve a vaginal birth (the pain relief and sense of relaxation that came with it) to help you have a natural vaginal birth. I agree that reading, doing your own studies, and surrounding yourself with positive childbirth videos/books is really, really important. It totally bolsters your self-beliefs and I think can make a huge difference in labor. Now, my theories are entirely untested. I have not given birth to my second child and I can not predict how this is going to go. But I have prepared in all the ways I can think of and I have addressed my fears with my doula and counselor to try and find ways to combat them. I def think you need some emotional healing time...but I do think you CAN have a NCB.
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