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August 6th, 2011, 03:44 PM
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For most I think the fear fades. It's so hard when our bodies respond a certain way and its not something you can control. Just remember that every birth is different and all you can really do is get yourself in a situation where you can find a safe quiet space to regain your body if something comes up again. That can be a person, a place, a song, anything really that is calming to you.

Pushing with an epidural is much different then pushing without one. Now, personally, I have not had an epidural so I can't speak from experience, but here's what I do know: With an epidural you are generally on your back, which is one of the least effective positions for pushing. It makes pushing harder on you and on the baby, can make your pelvis narrower, and generally takes longer. Directed pushing (where they are counting and you are forcing your body to push) also leads to stress, additional pain, and a harder/longer pushing phase. Many, if not most moms having an unmedicated pushing phase will push instinctively and WITH their bodies. Your body takes over and pretty much heaves the baby out. Certainly that doesn't happen with every natural birth, but frequently.
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